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Electronic Measurement & Control Equipment

Zenith Instruments manufactures indicators, electronic measurement and control equipment.

For custom-designed units, please contact us.

96_indModel 96 IND-RMS Digital Amps/Volts ‘True RMS’ Indicator Range

RMS is a direct measure of the power or heating value of an AC voltage compared to that of DC. An AC signal of 1 volt RMS will produce the same amount of heat in a resistor as a 1 volt DC signal.

The 96 IND-RMS series are a range of 3 1/2 digit Digital Panel Metersable to indicate from 0 – 1999 amps or volts RMS on a 14mm red LED display.

The range can be configured to indicate several options.

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96_havModel 96 HAVVAC Volts, Amps and Frequency Digital Indicator

The 96 HAVVAC is a 3 in 1 0 – 600 VAC indicator, a 0 – 1000 AAC indicator and a 10,0 to 90,0 HZ indicator, all practically mounted in a 96 x 96 panel mount box.

NB!! A CT must always be used when measuring current for isolation purposes.

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489_indModel 489 IND Amp AC Indicator

The 489 IND is a range of 3 1/2 digit indicators. The amp AC range is capable of measuring up to 5AAC direct or even higher with the use of an external 1A or 5A CT.

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489_indModel 489 RPM Autoranging RPM Indicator

The 489 RPM Indicator is an Autoranging RPM Indicator which will display the RPM on a 4 digit red LED display.

The range automatically changes from 9,999 to 6000 RPM.

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489_indModel 489 HZ Frequency Indicator

The 489 HZ series is a 3 digit 14mm red LED frequency indicator capable of reading mains frequency in the range from 30,0 Hz to 70,0 Hz with a signal voltage from 50 VAC to 260 VAC.The unit can also measure from 0 to 999 Hz with a small modification inside.

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